Here is the list of casinos for which the method works

I have linked the 2 online casinos I won with.
I suggest 2 other ones for US players (also valid for non US residents).

Park Lane Casino

Cosmik Casino Use the European Roulette (Zero Spin) or the "easy roulette". The bets start at 1 Dollar which allows using my method. Be careful not to try other lovely games as they look very cute. You are not here for that!

Netbet (ex 770)

777 Casino This is where I began. I have won hundreds of dollars there playing the "european roulette" available on the site (there are various type of roulettes available).

Selection of on-line casinos for US players:

Due to legislation approved on October 2006 in US, I suggest the following approved list:

Loco Panda

Loca Panda Tested by a friend of mine. He won 320 Dollars in 2 weeks. Apparently it s a well-known north-American online casino. This trusted establishment has taken the necessary means to provide US players with convenient deposit and withdrawal options that will seamlessly process.
I would be very happy to have your feedback on the comment page.


ON BLING Another online casino for US Players. With this casino, the roulette minimum bet is $1 so it looks good to apply my method. Do not take the bonus cause if you do, you'll have to wager the bonus and the deposit amount 15 times before making any cash-outs.