What do casinos fear about?

Concerning roulette, a "real" (material) casino is afraid of two things:
- The gamer is lucky and leaves on time.
- The gamer carefully analyses the physical roulettes defaults (bad balancing of the wheel, dust which influences the ball, ...) and takes advantages of it.

Concerning the first point, the casino takes the money back on other unlucky players and concerning the second point, the casino regularly changes its roulette set (and its staff).

What can I do then?

If you want to win/earn a little money, do not go in a casino. Going into a casino is the better way to stay long, to play to other games than the roulette and so to lose money (roulette is the game for which the player probability to win is the higher).
It is also obvious that in a physical casino it will not be easy to play the martingale method whereas other people play for fun.
The online casino rules are the same as the material ones.

The thing to do is to stay at home, and take it easy. You can then apply Ma'Roulette method on few days and certainly not play for fun.

Cheat at casino?

If it really is impossible to cheat on an online casino, (whereas some people say), you can always try on real ones (joking).
The following video shows some cheating methods at English roulette.
The two guys chosen the English roulette as there is a color of chip for each player.

Obviously, this kind of practice lead straight to jail, watch it for information.

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