Let's put all the theory into practice and start earning money:

First of all, there is no genuine roulette winning system to make profit on every bet. None.
But following my advises, you will be able, like me, to win 200 to 300 Dollars.

Please have a look to the section "understand" of my website before applying my method. Indeed, it is not as easy as some pretend to make profits at roulette. The best is to read my entire website…

The first step to my method is to register with an online casino.
This is the hardest step to psychologically do. You have to choose a casino you can trust (refer to this list). Then, register, download the program and transfer some real money on the casino account. This amount of money will have to be adjusted according to the maximal wager authorized (see the martingale page). I advise to transfer a minimum of $200.
Be careful NOT to subscribe to the bonus offered during casino registration if it is conditioned to a minimum number of bet to perform (or a minimum amount of money to bet).

Then you apply my method playing the roulette (winning method is detailed here):
(Starting bet D) < (Maximum authorized bet) / 64.

Summary table:
How to proceed
It just takes patience and discipline to win, do only bet following my method. You have to regularly change the simple chances you bet with. You do not play other casino games. You prefer French or English roulettes. You take your time and play on several days if required.

Finally, when you have accumulated a couple of hundreds of dollars, you stop.
It really is important to stop soon. The casino always won on the long run.
If you leave now, the casino lost. This loss is nothing for the casino but a fine amount of money for you.

Close your casino account and move on. Use this money to make joy around you, you will earn so much more.

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