The different Roulette types

There are two main types of roulettes. The American and the European.
Rules are globally the same, the main difference is the number of 0 slots. American roulette has two 0 whereas European roulette has only one 0 slot - which is really better if you want to win with a 1to1 bet.

American roulette

American roulette This is the less profitable roulette looking at player winning probabilities.
There is a total of 36 + 2 slots (0 and 00), corresponding to 47.4% (18/38) to win.
This is a lot in fact (if you compare with national lottery) but the European roulette is even better!
So, be on your way.

The European roulettes

europe roulette The French roulette:
It is the most interesting roulette in the world. Like all the European roulettes, there is only one 0 slot. The French roulette has also got a special rule called "jail" with takes place when the 0 comes out.
If the player is on a 1to1 bet (Red/Black, Odd/Even, or Low/High) and the 0 comes out, the bet values which are normally lost are put into "jail" (left aside).
Thus, the player has the choice: to share 50% of the bet with the casino, or to let the bet value go to jail. If the player won the next bet, he takes the totality of the jail for himself, otherwise the casino keeps it all.

I strongly advise to use the European roulettes (the rules are obviously the same for on-line roulettes) especially if you use my method to make some hundred dollars of benefits.

The English roulette:
An other interesting one, with a single 0 slot and the "jail" rule that occurs when 0 comes out.
This time, if the player is on a 1to1 bet when the 0 comes out, the bet values put into "jail" lost half of its value.
If the 0 comes out again, the bet values stay in "jail" and lost another half of theirs values, and so on.

The Royal roulette (aka progressive):
For this roulette, the 0 appearance do not start the "jail" rule but it increases the Jackpot amount. The Jackpot amount also increases by a fixed amount for each player bet on this table.
The player can win the Jackpot in a progressive way corresponding to the number of time for which a number comes out on the bounce (until the ultimate Jackpot if a number comes out 5 times on the bounce).
The Jackpot amount can be very high considering the very few chance for it to appear. The counterpart is that each bet cost is increased.

I do not advise you to play the Royal roulette in order to make profit at casino but if you want to have fun why not.

Conclusion is to choose a French roulette if you can or an English roulette by default. These roulettes are really interesting if you use the method I advise.

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