Why do I use Neteller?

Neteller is a virtual electronic wallet. We can deposit money and withdrawal on it as for a normal bank account. This service does obviously take some fees.

Managing my money

First of all, an electronic wallet is a means of managing the money I spend or win on online gambling games. In my opinion, it is very important to know the spent amount of money at online casino. The sums engaged must not interact with the money we need day to day. It is also a real pleasure to see this account increasing when withdrawing my earnings.

Practical and discrete

I think it really is more convenient and cheaper to open an account with Neteller compared to a dedicated bank account.
I say it's cheaper because, first the cost of subscribing to a credit card is high and also because if you do not constantly make transactions with your bank account, the costs are low.
In addition, my bank account manager sees nothing, the tax department either. During my bank a transaction, only the name Neteller appears on my statements, as if I had bought or sold a product on Ebay with the same Neteller.

Neteller or Skrill?

Neteller is not the only electronic wallet. It has the advantage of being accepted by most online casinos, poker rooms and even the betting sites. It also has the advantage of frequently proposing offers or reduction to its users. Go have a look to your Neteller account, links or banners propose the offers.

Globally, Neteller has higher level of fees compared to Skrill, a serious competitor who is also dealing with online casinos. There is also PayPal, but clearly more complicated and less used.


In conclusion, I recommend using an electronic wallet such as Neteller only for people who regularly play online money games for its management and discretion. For other players, transactions by bank account are sufficient.

Comparison of operating costs:

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