Funny method

Some videos on "how to beat the roulette" on Youtube are really funny:

You cover the gird except 3 numbers and you pray for luck. Apparently the profit is 10 dollars for 170 dollars bet. So if you lost once, you have to bet 17 times (2890 dollars) in order to recuperate - if you manage, with luck.

Roulette Sniper Software... don't get sniped!

Let's present a magical robot which can read the future:

A classic one, you have to subscribe and to pay. What else?

Another software, playing for you.

Lots of bots using proper developed tables are around the internet...

$20 per minutes, playing for you... hello Christmas father?!

2100 dollars profit in 4 minutes!

Unbelievable! THE software you need!

Resign your job and play roulette 4 minutes a day to live a wonderful life!

Get rich, now!

Without having to see lots of videos, many websites are selling miracle methods to win a huge amount of money at home. With beautiful pictures of big car, swimming pool, big house... Do you see what I mean?
These internet websites are mainly there to get your personal information: email, name, address, phone number... then, they sell your information to advertise companies. For example, they swear to tell you THE method to be rich, just after the registration.
There are numerous example on Google.


Are all the videos and methods presented on the internet scams? Do they all try to make you purchase a software, get your number?

Largely yes.

As roulette is the game for which the redistribution rate is the most advantageous of all of the gambling games, many people demonstrate that they win - for a short period of time.
The videos showing martingale systems are often honest, but the guys who believe it will last are wrong.
Conclusion is that websites that sell softwares and magical methods have a commercial interest and sell dreams.

Here is what to do...