Scams on the net

It's been a while since I've been around the web for you, digging up videos of hazardous methods to win money at roulette on the article scams videos at online roulette. I have also looked around the web for ways to make easy money and I keep doing so. Here is a resume of everything I found.

cons on internet

The autosurfs and paid surf bars: scams

Young, I extensively participated in these promising methods from the US. I polluted my workspace and clicked, strictly in compliance with given procedures, to reach the $10 or $15 payment limit. After months suffering, I obtained to be on the waiting list to get paid. This list was so long, the only way to get paid was to reinvest some time and money to move on in the list… but I never been paid. Alternatively, a possibility to get paid was to become a VIP member (by paying). I had registered on several autosurf websites but I never received a payment, every one of them closing after the other. This was a very bad experience that cost me a lot of time. I admit I did not tried it back since. In the same vein, there is the paid-to-clic (PTC) emails system. I never understood how advertisers could expect me to do a purchase a on the proposed web site, being myself in a process of making money and not spending it

The good deal registration trick

More complex, this scam deserves to be explained. This is actually more an abuse than a scam, which will cost you nothing except to be spammed. You may have landed on a web page explaining that you will become rich, that you will receive a free ebook explaining how to make money or just a fake page of a contest. The only thing you have to do is to leave your email address. In fact, by giving your email address, you subscribe to another service for which the registration is paid to the membership by affiliation. The person who has created the page earns a few cents for each registration and could also resell your email address as a "stupid person email address". So nothing major on this scam, but the trick needed to be known. The guy can perfect the process by adding clickable links (to create fake internet traffic) or by asking to validate a capcha in order to register to another service.

The super scam: matrices and pyramidal systems

Do never engage yourself in these systems. Before I began to try these methods, I inquired and realized the scam. For those who followed the bankruptcy of the "genius" of the investment stock Madoff, the matrix scam is the same system. The problem of matrix or pyramid schemes is that these systems will have a detrimental effect on your wallet but also on your social relationships. You will lose what can’t buy: your friends.
The idea is to pay an inscription fee, some of this money will return to the person who have recruited you and the one who recruited the person who recruited you, and the same schematic goes up to the top of the pyramid. So if you recruit 10 people, you are promised to have your initial registration fee refunded and to earn money beyond. The money invested is supposedly used in high-return investments. These are actually the new members who pay the old ones and when there are no longer newcomers in the systems, it collapses. Strangely you will never be paid neither the friends you have recruited. If you spent small amounts on the method, this is not a big deal but you’ve been coned.
Concerning matrix systems, the penalty is much harder. Instead of a $10 waste, you will participate in sales of HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs). The more you sell, the more you earn and it is associated with a sponsorship system. There is of course a registration fee and the people are recruited in major ceremonies leaded by gurus of the investments. So you will meet people who are truly convinced by the system. You will bring your family and loved ones in the system because it will give you money at beginning. This amount of money always comes from newcomers. After a while, everything falls apart, your life with it.

The Ponzi scheme, the Madoff one,… a so old scam

Here is the principle: I tell George to give me 10 and that in one week I will give him back 12. A few days later, I tell John to give me 10, I will return him 12.
The following week, I return 12 to George (in fact I give him back 2 more, from what I borrowed to John) and I ask him to give me 15, then I promise to give him back 18. As he trusts me now, it gives me 15. I then give 2 of those 15 to John who is really happy and gives me 15 in order to get 18 of it, … and so on.
If I keep some of the money for me and if, when I feel that no one will lend me more, I disappear with the amount of loans, I'm rich. George, John and all the others have lost a lot of money.

Here is presented the traditional web scams in a progressive way. There are many others, pay attention to easy money on the internet. As far as today, the only way I found to win some money, not so much I admit, is via the online roulette in online casinos.