The method which works :D

Winning system here! The idea is to apply the powerful martingale system adapted to limitations put in place by the online casinos.

The big deal is to avoid a long serie of successive losses which will turn the martingale system ineffective.
Thus, the limitation due to the maximum amount you can bet falls because you do not reach it.

Initial bet

You must wager a starting amount D that can be wagered 6x without reaching the maximum allowed limit (Max).
To wager 6x in a row, is to do 1xD + 2xD + 4xD + 8xD + 16xD + 32xD + 1xD (expected profit) = 64xD.

You must then wager at most 1 / 64 the maximum amount allowed on the table.

For a maximum authorized bet of $100 on the roulette table, you can reach 100/64 = 1.58 dollars at initial bet. In practice, this will be 1 dollar.

Note that you must have the maximum bet allowed, or, 64x the initial bet at casino inscription.

Wager scheme

Let's wager the initial bet D on a 1to1 bet:
-Either we win, our profit is D dollar.
-Either we lose. We must then bet 2xD on the next move on the 1v1 bet OPPOSED TO ONE PREVIOUSLY PLAYED. This means to bet on black if we had bet on red, or even if we had bet on odd, ...

Whenever we lose, we double our bet by changing the 1v1 bet.

This has to be done because online casinos are unfortunately used to produce long series of red or black numbers to limit the use of Martingales.
In the same vain, you must change the type of 1v1 bet every 20-30 wagers. Ie go from red/black to even/odd then high/low.

How to proceed
So much for using the relevant Martingale system, the rest is in the summary.

Complete winning method…