Everything more than just the game is here

I am please to see that you are still with me on this page and I congratulate you for the attentive reading you have done so far. The point of this section is no more to present my method (which is quite simple in fact), but to give you advanced notions and related information about this game.

You do not have to read the entire section, so I summarize the information of the page. Please note that the links to go on the different pages are made on the title this time (it looks prettier to me).

My advices on bonus

You probably already saw lists of welcome bonuses provided by websites promoting online casinos. Is this offer really interesting for you? What does it really mean? Did you red the sentences in little format at the bottom of the pages? I explain my point of view about bonus, you will be surprised.

Where to apply my method?

Good question... As I started my method on French online casinos, I had to try it again on English ones. I give you the trusted list where I earn some money.

Cheating at online casino?

Do I have a special trick to give to you? Do casinos fear about luck or cheaters? Is it the perfect way to earn big money? Lets get serious and analyse what is really working for no risk.

My opinion on Neteller

I order to manage my gaming revenues at roulette or other games, I use the electronic wallet called Neteller. It really is discrete and has very low fees. I explain why I am still using it after more than 4 years.

Free online roulettes

I put together flash versions of roulettes you can play with. You have nothing to register to, you just click and play. The reality of the hazardous law is not guaranteed...

All about internet scams

As I spend a lot of time trying different sorts of method to win money online, easily or not, I found that almost all of them are scams. So I decided to write down my experiences on subjects which are not linked to roulette or casinos.

Roulette scam videos

This is the best every fake methods I found on internet. This really is funny how it look magical or really easy. You can quit your job and get rich now!